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Many drain issues can be easily repaired with lasting results, but there are times when simple repairs are not enough. If you are not sure whether it is time to repair or replace your drain, Sewer Pro can help. Our drain services in Johns Creek, GA include thorough inspections that allow us to locate and diagnose your drain issues. Once we know what the problem is, we can help you decide whether it is time to replace the drain or simply have it repaired.

Old Age

The age of your pipes can be a major factor in determining whether you need drain repair or drain replacement. Pipes can corrode over time which causes leaks and weak spots. This can be repaired, but if your home is 50 years old or more, it may be time to consider drain replacement in Johns Creek, GA.

Long Term Issues

If you have been experiencing drain problems for months, or even years, your pipes could have extensive damage. This often leads to a replacement, but if your pipes are fairly new, small problems are easily corrected with repair services such as our hydro jetting in Johns Creek, GA.

Persistent Clogs

Clogs are usually a result of blockages. Too much toilet paper, paper towels, or feminine hygiene products can create these blocks. Our drain repair in Johns Creek, GA can remove this debris quickly and efficiently, but when clogs occur without flushing foreign matter, it could be a more serious issue. Extensive damage that interrupts the flow of water will require pipe replacement.

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Schedule your next drain or sewer service today

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