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Drains, although very conspicuous in many cases, are one of the most overlooked parts of plumbing. Sewer Pro is a drain repair company in Atlanta, GA that specializes in tackling all issues related to drains. And while we are good at what we do, we also take pride in providing our clients with the relevant information that’s needed to prevent drain issues from happening at all. The answer is preventative maintenance. Here are some basic drain maintenance tips:

1. Clean Drains Correctly and Frequently

It’s easy to make a call for drain repair in Atlanta, GA when something goes wrong, but there are ways to avoid the issues from happening at all. One way is keeping the drain clean by following a proper cleaning schedule. A drain that is cleaned often is usually protected from clogging, buildup, and foul odor.

 2. Schedule Emergency Repairs or Replacements When Needed

Drain replacement in Atlanta, GA should be scheduled as soon as a problem makes itself known. Drain issues that sit for long periods of time only make the problem worse, and that can end up being pretty costly in the end. Pay attention to the drains in the home to make sure problems are caught immediately.

3. Be Mindful of What Gets Flushed

Although it may seem like many different items can be flushed or discarded through plumbing, that simply isn’t the case. Human waste is the only appropriate thing to flush, not even flushable wipes regardless of what the labeling or packaging proclaims. When an inappropriate item gets flushed, consider getting drain services in Atlanta, GA.

4. Use Cold and Hot Water Strategically

Hydro jetting in Atlanta, GA is beneficial for clogged pipes and buildup of debris. Until a professional arrives, hot and cold water can be used to help the drain get rid of some of the buildup on its own. Cold water can solidify any grease and similar substances so the garbage disposal can break it down better. Hot water can melt and help wash away some buildup that may be clogging the drain.

Sewer Pro is the trusted professional drain repair company in Atlanta, GA. Contact us for more information or schedule an appointment by calling us or filling out our online form.

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Schedule your next drain or sewer service today

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