Are you one of the homeowners who stock up on drainage gels and powders you see in the supermarket? At Sewer Pro, we don’t encourage this, as this can damage your pipe system. Instead, we recommend turning to professionals for drain repair in Alpharetta, GA to keep your plumbing system from becoming compromised.

So, what are some alternatives to do-it-yourself drain cleaning? One of the safest and most effective ways to get your drains running smoothly these days is hydro jetting in Alpharetta, GA.


In a nutshell, hydro jetting is a method that uses pressurized water and a multi-directional nozzle head to blast through problem-causing clogs in your pipes and drains. This simple and effective method is often used for drain services in Alpharetta, GA as it’s great for both simple and tough clogs, including those that involve tree roots.

By locating an access point to your pipes within your home or business, our plumber will first do an inspection that utilizes a sewer inspection camera. After we have determined what the underlying cause of your drainage issues are, your plumber will then insert a pressurized water hose and blast away. You’ll then be left with pipes that flow smoothly and efficiently.


By enlisting the help of a professional drain repair company in Alpharetta, GA, you can dodge the risk of your pipes corroding and malfunctioning with time. While all pipes go through this process, drain clearing gels and powders expedite the process, leaving your pipes in worse shape than they were before. In comparison, hydro jetting is a simple, easy, inexpensive, safe, and eco-friendly way of tackling harsh clogs.

Are you in need of professional drain cleaning or drain replacement in Alpharetta, GA? Call Atlanta Sewer Pro to set up an appointment today.