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Hydro jetting is one of many advanced tools professionals like Sewer Pro use for drain repair in Atlanta, GA. Sewer repair involves various steps, but hydro jetting is one of the most important since it paves the way for the rest of the tasks involved in the job. Here are a few reasons why hydro jetting is necessary before sewer repair:

1. Hydro Jetting Gets Rid of Clogging Issues

Before drain replacement in Atlanta, GA can take place, the clogging has to be taken care of. Clogging can cause issues like backups, flushing issues, and other things that prevent the drains and pipes from transporting waste and debris.

2. Breaks Up Tree Roots

Tree roots are another type of debris that can block the sewer line and make it difficult for the drain to do its job. Hydro jetting involves powerful blasts of water that are strong enough to break up tree roots in the pipes. This is important because tree roots can actually damage the pipes and cause more expensive issues down the line, especially if the pipes are fragile and old. This is an important part of drain services in Atlanta, GA.

3. Removes Unwanted Debris

Tree roots aren’t the only thing capable of blocking water flow and disrupting the drains. Grease, soap, dirt, and other materials can also clog the drain and pipes. Hydro jetting in Atlanta, GA needs to be done to remove those materials before sewer repair. This ensures that the job gets done in the most efficient way possible.

4. The Job Gets Done Faster

A professional drain repair company in Atlanta, GA uses hydro jetting because it is more efficient and faster than older methods. Instead of spending lots of time on the cleaning aspect of the job, professionals can quickly remove debris and get straight to the repairing aspect of the job.

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