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Sewer Repair in Atlanta, GA

Sewer Repair in Atlanta, GA

The sewer line of your home is an important part of your property that needs to be in good working order. This connects your home plumbing system to the public sewer system. Many homeowners tend to go a long time without having any issues with their sewer line and plumbing system. However, there could come a time when they will require sewer rehabilitation to keep their sewer line in good working order.

Let the most trusted and professional plumbers from Sewer Pro help you address the issues affecting your sewer line today. We provide prompt solutions that come at reasonable costs.

Signs You Have Sewer Line Damage

There are a variety of signs that you could have damage with your sewer line and need to have it repaired or inspected immediately. One of the most common signs is if you have a sewer line backup. This could cause a backup in your basement, which would likely be accompanied by a foul smell. If there is an indentation in your lawn, foundation cracks, or random different colored patches of grass above the line, it could be a sign that you need sewer repair in Atlanta, GA.

Your sewer line may also be backed up or clogged if it does not drain as quickly as it once did. If there is a clog that has existed for a while, there could be an accompanying smell of mold as well. Be sure to get in touch with Sewer Pro right away to determine if repairs are needed or a full-on sewer replacement is the best option.

Common Causes of Sewer Line Damage

If you are having issues with your sewer line, there are a variety of issues that could be causing the challenge. One of the most common causes is if there is a clog in your sewer line. If this occurs, it will cause a backup or slow drain. Normally, this can be corrected without digging up the drain.

If you have a part of the pipe that is old and corroded, it could also cause a lot of damage. An older and corroded pipe could cause the pipe to crack and even collapse. This could then cause a leak and further damage.

Importance and Benefits of Professional Sewer Line Repair Services

If there is an issue with your sewer line, it is important that you call Sewer Pro and our team’s trenchless, drain, and sewer experts in Atlanta, GA. Our professionals will be able to provide inspection service to determine the cause of your leak or other issues. They can then come up with a plan to repair the sewer line. In certain cases, they may recommend a full sewer replacement in which a part of your sewer line is fully removed and replaced with a new part.

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Schedule your next drain or sewer service today

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