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Trenchless Water Pipe Repair in Atlanta, GA, and the Surrounding Areas

Trenchless Water Pipe Repair in Atlanta, GA, and the Surrounding Areas

Unfortunately, water and sewer lines are bound to face issues at some point in time. For homeowners, this means dealing with issues such as cracked, corroded, and even broken pipes that can really disrupt daily life. When this happens, reach out to Sewer Pro right away. We specialize in an array of trenchless services.

What is Trenchless Water Pipe Repair?

Trenchless water pipe repair in Atlanta, GA, and the surrounding areas is a great alternative to traditional repair methods that many homeowners aren't aware of. Traditional pipe repair involves digging a trench to reach your pipes. However, trenchless pipe repair involves no-dig technology to fix sewer pipes.

One of the main benefits of this particular process is that it doesn't tear up your yard. Instead, trenchless pipe repair relies on replacing or repairing your damaged pipes by the end pipe. In one method called slip lining, a trenchless contractor in Atlanta, GA, or nearby areas will slip a new inner pipe into the existing pipe. Another method called pipe bursting is used to drag a new pipe down the line by the head.

Advantages of Trenchless Water Pipe Repair

With traditional pipe repair, you not only have to pay for repair services but you will need to consider the fee to re-landscape your lawn. Along with this, homeowners occasionally experience damaged pipes within their homes. By choosing the trenchless pipe lining, you can avoid tearing up flooring and walls.

Trenchless pipe replacement is a lot faster and convenient than traditional repair methods. Traditional repair and replacements can take days and even weeks to be complete. However, trenchless pipe repair and replacement are less invasive, allowing the job to get done as seamlessly as possible.

Sometimes it's not that you have major issues with your pipes but that you are unhappy with its performance. This is sometimes due to your pipes having a small diameter. Sewer Pro can use the pipe bursting method of trenchless sewer repair to remove your damaged pipes and replace them with larger pipes.

Common Issues That Require Trenchless Pipe Repair

No one favors sewer line issues but knowing common issues that require repair will help you be proactive. Here are the common issues that may require trenchless services:

Cracks and Breaks: Cracked and broken sewer lines can happen occasionally. With age, pipes will break down. In addition to this, environmental factors like earth shifting and tree roots that grow towards water sources all contribute to cracks and breaks.

Corrosion: Once again, pipes get old over time and will experience issues such as corrosion. This can especially happen if your pipes are made out of anything besides PVC. When your pipes corrode, they will eventually collapse. This essentially restricts flow to the main sewer line.

Leaks: Leaks generally form around the pipe joints. If this occurs, you will begin to notice patches of water in your yard around the affected joint.

Tree Roots: As your tree grows, so do the roots. These roots can potentially put pressure on the main sewer line and eventually penetrate them. This ultimately leads to clogging and backups.

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