Easy access to water has become so commonplace that most never stop to think about the pipes that the water comes through. Due to constant use, your underground water line is bound to need repairs over time, and when push comes to shove, Sewer Pro is here to help. We believe trenchless water pipe repair in Roswell, GA is the way to go, which is why we’ve made this post to help you understand trenchless repair and how it trumps traditional plumbing repair techniques.


Rather than digging a massive trench in your yard to inspect your water pipes, trenchless water pipe repair typically involves one of two methods: slip lining or pipe bursting. Slip lining is a method where a smaller pipe is placed inside of the larger one, the space in between the pipes sealed off in a secure fashion. Pipe bursting, on the other hand, is a technique where a new pipe is dragged behind a head that breaks up the old pipe entirely. Trenchless pipe lining in Roswell, GA is an area of our expertise, so rest assured that we can help.


When a crew comes to dig a trench in your yard, that means possibly yard damage, clean-up costs, and higher costs of labor due to the construction equipment used for all that digging. Not to mention, the process often takes days, sometimes weeks. Trenchless piping is a far less invasive option, minimally damaging, and a big money-saver when you take into account labor, clean-up, and landscaping costs that you normally won’t have to deal with when you choose trenchless pipe replacement in Roswell, GA over traditional methods.


When your pipes are underground, it’s hard to know if there’s a problem. If you aren’t the type to schedule regular pipe maintenance – which we highly recommend – it’s crucial that you watch out for the telltale sign of broke pipes: water spots on your yard.

Over time, chemical reactions occur between the metal pipes (PVC pipes excluded, of course) and all the water that flows through them, corroding the pipes and breaking them down slowly. Corrosion leads to cracks and leaks, which also spring up often around the aged joints of your water pipes. The roots of trees and shrubbery also work alongside the damage already occurring to invade your pipes and bust up your water line. Once these issues occur, we can perform a trenchless sewer repair in Roswell, GA right away.


At Sewer Pro, we offer a wide array of trenchless services in Roswell GA, and nearby areas, all of which our technicians have the knowledge and expertise to carry out effectively. Our company is well-established and sits on a positive reputation for reliability and know-how. When you need help identifying and tackling any and all sewer-related repairs and replacements, Sewer Pro is the right one for the job. Contact us today for more information or to schedule the services you need.